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Energy Solutions by Total is focused on delivering cost effective energy solutions to homes all across the country. With Energy Solutions by Total, You can save energy while improving your home's comfort and helping the environment by making your home more energy-efficient. In fact, making your home energy efficient is the first step to green. Find Out More

Lowering your

  • We help homeowners receive substantial savings on their energy bills every day!
  • Highly trained Energy Analysts inspect your home from basement to attic.
  • We've never been into a home where we couldn't reduce energy bills!
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Home Energy Audits

You're spending too much money on your energy bills, period. Our comprehensive, in depth analysis of your home can help you reduce those significantly.

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Solar Energy

We have multiple products and services to provide your family with a complete solar solution.

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Replacement Windows

Light up any room with impeccable quality, advanced technology, classic design, superb construction, and maintenance-free operation!

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